Number 7

  • Seven days of creation
    • 7 is the day of completion
  • Seven classical planets
    • Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • Seven primary vowels
  • Seven primary notes
  • Seven primary colors
  • Seven primary senses
    • Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touch, Vestibular (gravity/balance), Proprioception (position in space) 
  • Seven primary chakra centers
  • Seven fundamental laws / Hermetic principles
  • Seven liberal arts and sciences
    • The Trivium
      1. Grammar
      2. Rhetoric
      3. Logic
    • The Quadrivium
      1. Arithmetic
      2. Geometry
      3. Music
      4. Astronomy
  • “Seven is called the number of divine harmony, for it is the music of the spheres. All Nature is one great, harmonious melody to those who have harmonized themselves with it…. When we harmonize ourselves with the Plan, the mystic melodies of the seven spheres are echoed in our own seven-pillared temple.” (Hall, Sacred Magic 53)
  • “The spiritual consciousness, the true “I am,” does not take hold of its new bodies until the twenty-first year. Up to that time it is ruled entirely by the lower sense centers. Life thus progresses in cycles of seven years.” (Hall, Occult Anatomy 57)
    • 28: second physical birth
    • 35: second vital birth, or second growth
    • 42: second emotional birth
    • 49: the dawn of a new period of mental activity; the following 7 years are the golden years of thought






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