Number 3

  • The number 3 represents the Trinity:
    • Spirit, soul, body
    • Thought, desire, action
    • Father, Son, Holy Spirit/Ghost
    • Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
  • Triangle
    • “As we evolve, we form a triangle out of the opposites by lifting our own center of consciousness above the plane in which lie the two points of our horizon.” (Hall Sacred Magic 38)
    • Symbolic of balance or equilibrium
    • Pointed upward it represents human aspiration and consciousness rising out of form to union with its divine source; pointed downward it represents the triune powers descending into matter to mold it into a semblance of the trinity of spirit (Hall, Sacred Magic 40)
  • The Philosopher’s Stone
    • Salt, Sulphur, Mercury
  • Three is also the number of the blended opposites for out of the duality of the Two there is born a child partaking of the natures of both of its progenitors but being a manifestation of neither in full.” (Hall, Sacred Magic 38)
  • The Threefold Path
    • Philosopher, Priest, Soldier  (Occultism, Mysticism, Service)
      • Occultism is the path of the philosopher, mysticism is the path of the priest, service is the path of the soldier. All life seeking union with its source is advancing toward mastery along one of these tree great rays. (Hall, Sacred Magic 39)
  • The Three Worlds
  • The Tree Grand Centers in the Human Body:
    • Brain, Heart, Generative System






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